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Blueback Reservoir

What is Blueback Reservoir? 

Blueback Reservoir was a company founded in Norway 2005.  Blueback Reservoir initially provided geological modeling services for Petrel, and when SLB released the Ocean API for Petrel, Blueback Reservoir started to develop commercial plug-ins for Petrel in addition to software products that increases the workflows for geoscientists.

Over the years the company has developed an extensive suite of software and plug-ins for Petrel that are available on SLB’s Ocean Store. The plug-in portfolio targets to provide alternative implementations or enhancements to native Petrel functionally. The Blueback suite offers solutions for Data Analysis, Reservoir Characterization, Seismic Inversion, Rock Physics, Depth Conversion, Petrel data management and enables the integration of Python to Petrel. 

Blueback Reservoir was acquired by Cegal in 2014.  The Blueback brand still lives on in the names of software products provided by Cegal, and in the plug-in portfolio for Petrel. 

Cegal and Blueback Reservoir

Cegal and Blueback Reservoir joined forces in 2014 to provide a global offering of both IT and software services, and solutions to the oil and gas industry.   

Read more about our Blueback solutions here > 

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