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What is API?

API (Application Programming Interface), also known as programming interface, is an intermediary in an application which enables it to be used from another application.  

APIs play an important role in software development, as they enable systems to talk to each other and exchange information. Using an API, applications can make changes, run processes and otherwise process data between each other. For example, APIs are used in the processing of data in a database, and in communication between different applications.

Cegal and API

Cegal’s preferred integration method is via APIs. This makes it possible to retrieve data via an API, to edit, change and delete data using an API, and to monitor updates via a change log. APIs stand for open, but require more security in cases where it is necessary. It also makes it possible to put together solutions called APIs from a number of providers to form an entirety which offers benefits for consumers. An example is an App on a phone which retrieves weather data from Yr and Storm and then presents it so that it can be compared.

Cegal’s department which is most heavily involved in APIs is Integration & Development.

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