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Azure DevOps

What is Azure DevOps?

As the name suggests, Azure DevOps has a broad scope. However, Azure DevOps is not the same as DevOps, and it is not actually necessary to use Azure either. So, what exactly is Azure DevOps?

It is basically a toolbox from Microsoft for planning, collaborating and delivering software. It can run in Azure (as a SaaS solution), but you can also run it on your own hardware.

  • Azure Boards is a tool for planning, tracking, and collaborating concerning teamwork. Both agile methodology and more traditional project management are supported.
  • Azure Pipelines is a CI/CD tool that can be used with any language, platform and cloud.
  • Azure Repos enables you to store code using Git.
  • Azure Test Plans supports manual and exploratory testing (as an add-on to automated testing in CI/CD)
  • Azure Artifacts supports the distribution of software libraries

Although there are many tools in the toolbox, you can easily replace any of them; instead of storing the code in Azure Repos, for example, you could store it in GitHub or BitBucket.

Cegal and Azure DevOps

We use Azure DevOps, among other things, internally in our product development and in external projects. The aim of DevOps is to bring people, process and products together, in order to continuously deliver value to end users. This is something we are very concerned about here at Cegal, and Azure DevOps is one of the tools that helps us to do just that.