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What is Java?

Java is an object-oriented programming language developed by James Gosling and other developers at Sun Microsystems back in the 1990s. Although a lot has happened in programming since then, Java is by no means outdated. Java can be used to develop applications for computers or smartphones. Java can also be used for many different things on the internet, such as chat rooms and online gaming.

Java is what is known as a "general purpose language." This means that the language can be used on different platforms, such as Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac and other mobile platforms. With a programming language like Java, you can develop programs and applications across platforms.

Java was originally based on the C++ programming language, but has since been developed further, with the result that the language today is now much simpler than it used to be. The modernisation and simplicity make Java a competitive programming language, which many programmers are very happy about.

Cegal and Java:

Cegal has many Java developers and has used the language in many projects. In integration projects using Java and Camel, we have developed on Open Source. We also have experience of application servers such as Weblogic, Glassfish, Tomcat and Wildfly.

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