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What is GeoCloud?

GeoCloud is Cegal's vendor-neutral cloud solution within the oil and gas industry that brings all your applications and data together in one integrated platform. With support for more than 1,500 applications, GeoCloud facilitates seamless collaboration between departments and cross-border, increasing productivity.

Geology and geophysics (G&G) software and applications have traditionally required large and noisy workstations that draw a lot of power, limiting user availability. Moving advanced work streams to the cloud can increase cost efficiency and energy efficiency for companies.

Three main benefits of GeoCloud:

  • Digital collaboration: GeoCloud gives users access to data and G&G applications wherever they are. Users have access through both PC and mobile.
  • Digitalization: GeoCloud provides increased data quality and facilitates the use or development of new technology that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Cost and energy efficiency: By moving work streams from workstations to the cloud through GeoCloud, companies can reduce energy consumption and save both costs and the environment.

Cegal and GeoCloud

Cegal is an experienced cloud solutions and software provider with more than 20 years of experience from the oil and gas industry. Our team consists of developers in geotechnical engineering, cloud specialists and consultants who facilitate world-class work streams and solutions.

GeoCloud is a standardized and automated product that can be easily integrated with any cloud provider. Among other things, the cloud solution is available on the Microsoft Azure platform. By combining Cegal's oil and gas knowledge and products with Microsoft's scalable solutions, we have developed a unique cloud solution that solves complex IT challenges.

GeoCloud is now Cegal Cetegra

Cetegra is Cegal's new integration platform that reimagines how energy industry experts share and collaborate, expanding Geocloud beyond its current capabilities to provide optimal flexibility in a 100% scalable and secure environment.

Read more about Cegal Cetegra >


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