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What is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, and is a global cloud platform which offers hundreds of IT services from a global network of data centres. AWS has millions of customers, ranging from start-up companies to the largest companies and government agencies.

AWS has been developed and operated by Amazon, a US IT company best known for the e-commerce platform Amazon.com and consumer technology such as Amazon Kindle and Amazon Echo. Amazon is perhaps best known for having revolutionized e-commerce.

Cegal and AWS

Cegal has an extensive team of consultants with AWS certification. We are often involved in projects relating to the architecture of database migrations to AWS and Apache Kafka installations, as well as maintenance in AWS. We have extensive experience of Oracle databases on AWS, and have for example created RDS instances (Amazon Relational Database Service) and migrated databases to RDS (Database as service) using Oracle data pump. We have also configured RDS Multi-AZ for high availability and read replicas for disaster recovery and reporting purposes.

We also have extensive experience of the migration and operation/administration of SQL Server on RDS. In addition to database-related tasks in AWS, we have acted as active advisors regarding the installation, maintenance and use of Apache Kafka in AWS.

As the energy industry shifts to a more sustainable future, Cegal is working with AWS (Amazon Web Services) to meet the needs for energy customers now and in the future. While customers refocus business priorities, there is a need to sustain current operations whilst building a better tomorrow. Read more abour out solution Cetegra here > 

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