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What is a Database?

A database is a collection of data/information stored on a single electronic medium, so that a computer program can consult it in order to answer questions.

The data can be stored in a very structured manner and in a single, often relational model design such as personal data, e.g. national identity number, name, address, telephone number, etc. There is also unstructured data, which is not pre-defined. These could be images, audio, documents, movies, etc.

Different database technologies are available, depending on the kind of data you have. A database system should be able to process both small and large amounts of data efficiently and securely. In addition, it should ensure that changes and additions do not lead to contradictions or errors. It should also be capable of delivering the right information efficiently to users and software.

Cegal and Database

Cegal possesses a very high level of expertise relating to many different database technologies, including Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and NoSQL.

Within these areas, we offer both consultancy and Managed Services services. We can also provide advice in finding the right solution, based on our customers’ needs. There may be requirements regarding uptime or minimal data loss in the event of an accident.

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