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What is MySQL? 

MySQL is a relational database launched in 1995 by Swedish Uppsala-based company MySQL AB, which was subsequently acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2008. In 2010, the company became part of Oracle when it acquired Sun Microsystems. It was named MySQL because ‘My’ was the name of the co-founder's daughter. They then decided to combine ‘My’ and ‘SQL’, thereby creating the name ‘MySQL’. SQL stands for Structured Query Language, which is a programming language which enables you to access and manage data in a relational database.

MySQL has become one of the world's most popular systems for storing and managing data. It is free, open source software licensed under the GNU General Public Licence, but is included in many licences.

Cegal and MySQL

Cegal has many consultants with extensive experience of MySQL. We help our customers to install and use it in the best possible way. This covers everything from having the right architecture based on what it will be used for. The database is configured in different ways, depending on whether there are heavy or many transactions or large amounts of data.

We also help customers to manage their databases. This could involve optimising operations or re-reading lost data. Another important aspect is that we help customers to migrate to MySQL. As we have extensive experience of the largest databases on the market, we can help our customers to move data both securely and efficiently.

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