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What is MS SQL?

MS SQL stands for Microsoft SQL Server and is Microsoft's database management system. Like many other database management systems, MS SQL is also a relational database which uses SQL as the language for querying and the dialect that is used is called T-SQL.

In simple terms, MS SQL is used when there is a need to store or retrieve data from other software applications. It is not necessary for it to be data on the computer that you are using; it could be data that is stored on another computer which must necessarily be connected to the internet.

MS SQL is available in various versions. The version that is most appropriate will depend on the area in it will be used in.

Many people who work in a Windows environment with ASP and ASP.NET prefer to use MS SQL, but there is no reason why it cannot be used with other programming languages.

MS SQL has many different functions and is very powerful, and for these reasons, it is often used by many companies that have demanding requirements as regards database management.

Cegal and MS SQL

Cegals consultants have a high level of expertise and extensive experience in managing, developing and analysing large business-critical MS SQL environments in a variety of industries, such as banking/finance, e-commerce and automotive manufacture. Cegal is the Microsoft Cloud Service Provider and Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner. Gold partner with Microsoft for Data Platform, Data analytics, Data centre and a Silver partner for Cloud Platform.