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What is APEX?

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a low-code development framework which makes it possible to build scalable, secure enterprise apps, with a variety of features, which can be distributed anywhere.

APEX is a free feature of Oracle Database – a complete, integrated and secure data platform. This foundation enables apps built using APEX to access and interact with all the features of Oracle Database. Strong support for JavaScript makes it possible to produce the desired user interface, partly using Oracle Jet. APEX also has its own universal theme which is used for various design elements and useful aids to support universal design requirements (WCAG 2.0). Built-in support for responsive design, which enables web applications to adapt to the user's platform (mobile, PC, tablet, etc).

As APEX scales with the database, it works just as well for creating simple applications for data collection internally, webifying paper processes, closing gaps between different systems – to large data-driven applications with thousands of users.

APEX is recommended for use with Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS), which is another component included free of charge with the database licence. ORDS also makes it possible to easily set up REST API on data in the database. APEX integrates easily with external REST API to access data for lookups, etc.

Cegal and Oracle APEX

We have a number of teams which develop APEX solutions for customers. We use APEX to rapidly help customers develop/maintain apps thanks to the low-code concept. We use APEX’s key strengths such as the effective user interface and full utilisation of all the Oracle database’s functions.

Cegal has also arranged a number of courses for different customers adapted to the number of users, the desired application and the current level of knowledge.

Cegal Denmark bases one of its core products on monitoring of the APEX user interface – Basecare Discover®. APEX has made it possible to allow different types of users to configure, monitor and report, and to obtain a visual overview of the monitoring systems in the form of graphs.

Meet some of our APEX experts: 

Meet Jørgen > 

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