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CIS System

What is CIS System?

CIS stands for ‘Customer Information System’. The system handles customer data, billing, customer care, payments and payment follow-up, to mention just a few features.

A CIS system is considered to be a business-critical system for an energy company. It can be seen as the energy company's cash register, where all invoices are produced and sent out. It is the heart and lungs of the enterprise and is essential for maintaining operations.

Cegal and CIS systems:

Cegal has developed a CIS system called Cegal Connected Energy Hub. This is a flexible, modern and scalable metering and billing solution. The solution is tailor-made for grid and market companies in the energy industry. The solution is modular, and customers can either use or disable the various modules as and when needed:

  1. Cegal Meter Data Collector
  2. Cegal Billing Module
  3. Cegal Insight
  4. Cegal Multi Channel Invoicing

Having systems that enable you to quickly and easily change business models and scale up as society changes will give energy companies considerable added value and greater profitability.

A combination of these modules, seamlessly integrated with each other in a modern web-based interface, will provide the client with a modern, holistic and scalable system. There will also be opportunities for integration with standard third-party software for more advanced functionality, such as extended CRM, ERP and customer service.

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