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eInvoice 2.0

What is eFaktura/eInvoice 2.0?

With eFaktura 2.0 and the "Yes please to everything" functionality, the consumer accepts all eFaktura agreements in their online banking system. Unlike eFaktura 1.0, where each agreement had to be entered into between the sender and the recipient of the invoices individually.

If a consumer accepts all agreements with eFaktura 2.0, he or she will be marked in the eFaktura service as a recipient who wishes to receive eFaktura invoices from anyone who can send them. When activated, the eFaktura agreements will be created automatically. The next invoice will then be delivered as an eFaktura via your online banking system. eFaktura 2.0 is offered by all banks in Norway.

For businesses, eFaktura 2.0 offers many benefits:

  • Sends the first invoice as an eFaktura
  • Always sends invoices to the correct legal recipient
  • It results in a better customer experience when switching suppliers, as the consumer does not receive paper invoices
  • eFaktura improves the traceability and quality of payments from consumers
  • General digitalisation for society – good for the environment!
Cegal and eFaktura 2.0:

Both eFaktura 1.0 and eFaktura 2.0 is offered through Multi Channel Invoice as standard delivery channels for invoices. eFaktura 1.0 will be phased out and discontinued from 1 December 2021, when eFaktura 2.0, also referred to by the banks as JTTA – Ja takk til alle (“JTTA – Yes please to all”) will take over. The multichannel platform has readymade integrations for the most widely used payment channels across the Nordic region, and also offers a range of tools for further tailoring of invoice delivery. Together, these two elements form the Multi Channel Invoice platform. They are currently used by over 30 customers for all or parts of their invoice distribution process.

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