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eInvoice B2C

What is eFaktura (eInvoice) B2C?

eFaktura B2C is a Norwegian service which enables companies to send invoices electronically to their private customers, regardless of which bank is used, instead of by post or e-mail. By using this service, companies can offer private individuals the option of receiving their invoices directly via their online banking system or Vipps. The invoice should ideally be pre-completed with a customer identification number (CID number), account number and the amount concerned. The invoice can be paid automatically with the click of a button.

For companies, there are many advantages to using eFaktura:

  • Save time – by sending out invoices electronically
  • Receive payment by the payment deadline – eFaktura increases the likelihood of receiving payment
  • Cost-saving – saves money by reducing postage
  • Saves the environment – by not using paper when sending invoices

Many companies also offer eFaktura combined with AvtaleGiro for more efficient invoice handling.

Mastercard Payment Services offers the service to all banks, but retail customers relate to their own bank.

NB! eFaktura B2C (eFaktura 1.0) was phased out on 1 December 2021; read more about this here: https://www.efaktura.no/Bedrift/eFaktura-1-0saneres-1-12-2021
Cegal can assist in this transition.

Cegal and eFaktura B2C

Through the Multi Channel Invoice solution, eFaktura B2C is offered as the default delivery channel for invoices. The multichannel platform has readymade integrations for the most widely used payment channels across the Nordic region, and also offers a range of tools for further tailoring of invoice delivery. Today, Multi Channel Invoice is used by many customers for all or part of their invoice distribution process.

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