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What is ELMA?

ELMA (a Norwegian abbreviation for “Electronic recipient address register”) is a Norwegian register of enterprises which can accept documents in EHF-format. ELMA contains an up-to-date overview of the business documents that a business that is affiliated supports and is able to receive. In addition, the register contains information on the access point via which the recipient has opted to receive its EHF documents.

To send a document electronically through PEPPOL, which is generally the standard way of sending in Norway, the recipient must be registered in ELMA to receive the document. A recipient that is registered in ELMA must accept documents from all senders. As long as the type of document that is being sent is registered in ELMA, the sender will not need to ask the recipient for permission to send it or perform a test for this document. This makes the system faster and simpler, and enables more recipients to be reached. The sender undertakes to send the document in the standard format and version listed in ELMA. It is the access point provider that registers recipients in ELMA.

If you wish to opt out of ELMA, you will need to contact your supplier.

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Cegal and ELMA

Cegal has no direct relationship with ELMA, but it is a partner with access point providers registered in ELMA and approved by the Norwegian Government Agency for Financial Management (DFØ).

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