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Invoice template

What is an Invoice template?

An invoice template is a layout which helps companies to create and send customer invoices. It may be tempting to use a Word-based invoice template and think that is enough, but invoices are important documents with strict requirements as regards their content. The Bookkeeping Regulation stipulates a series of requirements regarding the layout and content of an invoice.

There are only two (lawful) methods which can be used to issue invoices:

  • Use an invoicing application, where invoice numbers are assigned automatically
  • Use invoice forms with pre-printed invoice numbers from a printing company. This must include the enterprise number and organisation number.

All invoices must include:

  • A number that identifies the invoice as a unique document
  • Invoice date and due date
  • The company name and organisation number of both the seller and the buyer (if the buyer is a company) with the word Foretaksregisteret (Register of Business Enterprises) after your organisation number if you are running a private limited company (AS)
  • A clear description of the product or service concerned, as well as the quantity or number of products/services
  • Both the location and date on which the product or service was delivered
  • Sales price and any VAT.

Cegal recommends that customers who wish to use an invoice template access this through their accounting system provider or design their own in consultation with an invoice distributor.

Invoice distribution software gives you access to invoice templates. You will then not need to consider whether you have the right layout, and you will be guided through the information that must be included.

In many cases, the invoice that is being sent may be the only form of communication that the supplier has with their end customer. Regardless of whether or not this is the only communication channel that is actually used, it can be a great advantage to personalize and adapt the invoice to the end customer. In this way, the invoice becomes an opportunity for communication and marketing.

The invoice can therefore be sent with a customized message and layout, and delivered via the customer's preferred payment channel, such as Vipps, AvtaleGiro, eFaktura or mobile payment. All this helps to ensure satisfied customers and offers scope for potential added sales.

If you have international customers, you can create the invoice in a different language and invoice in a foreign currency.

Cegal and Invoice template

When we talk about ‘invoice templates’, we do so through our service Cegal Multi Channel Invoicing. A multichannel distribution platform, offering complete flexibility in the choice of invoice templates and payment methods. Cegal Multi Channel Invoice contains standard invoice templates, and you have the option to tailor your own invoice templates to suit the customer type or product group, for example. This allows for 1:1 marketing and provides the flexibility you need to send invoices in the best possible way.

Find out more about SYSCO Multi Channel Invoicing here >

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