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Cegal is the leading Oracle partner in the Nordics

Editorial staff Cegal want to build a stellar nextgen tech company that enables a more sustainable future, and shape the digital future by turning complex IT into digital success stories.
03/29/2022 |

For ten consecutive years, Oracle has given Cegal the title of Oracle Partner of the year. With over 350 Oracle certifications Cegal is the Nordic region’s largest competence center for Oracle technology.  

Cegal has since the beginning of 2004 been working with demanding technology, especially with companies within the energy industry, focussing on Oracle technology. In other words, the experience and expertise of what are today called legacy systems (older IT systems running on dedicated servers – on-prem) are solid, and in a few years, Cegal can celebrate its 20th anniversary as an Oracle partner.  

From the very beginning, Cegal has invested heavily in ensuring that its employees have their Oracle competence documented. Today, the company has a total of 24 specializations and over 350 certifications. This makes Cegal the largest Oracle competence center in the Nordic region, which is also appreciated by Oracle.  

“The deep Oracle expertise makes it possible to turn complex IT solutions into digital success stories for our customers.”  

Oracle changed its partner structure this year. Below you can read more about the changes, but here are some of the milestones Cegal has experienced as an “old” and “new” Oracle partner:  

  • Oracle has named Cegal “Oracle Partner of the Year” for ten consecutive years, since 2011.  
  • Cegal was Oracle’s leading Platinum Partner in the Nordic region, Oracle’s top partner level, as a Platinum partner in six areas. This Partner agreement has now been replaced by Experts.   
  • Cegal is the first and only partner in the Nordic region to be Service Expert in Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud. 
  • Cegal was the first partner in the Nordic region to deliver Oracle/Azure Interconnect – the solution that connects Oracle databases in Oracle Cloud with applications in Microsoft Azure.  
  • With dozens of Oracle Cloud projects, Cegal is the partner that has moved most companies to the cloud in the Nordic region.  

Experience from dozens of Oracle Cloud projects  

Cegal has led dozens of “lift and shift” projects in the Nordic region. “Lift and shift” means moving the customer’s infrastructure in the cloud and at the same time improving and optimizing the IT systems. With “lift and shift” you save both IT costs and increase the performance of the IT systems.  

“We saw that the costs of operating IT systems on-prem were high for the customers and that these costs could be reduced by moving the solutions to Oracle Cloud. We therefore developed a method for cloud migration. With several dozen projects in production at Oracle Cloud, we are the most experienced in the Nordic region in moving customers’ IT infrastructure to the cloud and our processes are well-proven"

Dagfinn Ringås, CEO in Cegal

“Our experience is that in order to turn complex IT systems into digital success stories, you must be strong in three areas”, Ringås continues and recounts:  

  1. You must know the customers’ industry: Cegal is an industry expert in the energy sector.  
  1. You must know new cloud and data flow technologies: Cegal has very broad and heavy competence in Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Oracle Cloud, and Apache Kafka 
  1. You must understand the older and critical solutions the customer already has: Cegal has many years of history as the leading Oracle competence center in the Nordic region.  

The combination of these three areas makes Cegal unique in Norway and in the Nordic countries.  

Oracle values expertise and satisfied customers  

Previously, Platinum was the highest level in Oracle’s reputable partner program. From 2021, however, Oracle has changed its partner structure to reward the partners’ knowledge, especially cloud expertise, along with customer satisfaction with partners.  

The new partner system is called Modern Oracle Partner Network and is structured around two areas: Cloud and License & Hardware. The cloud area is again divided into three:  

  • Cloud Build Track 
  • Cloud Sell Track 
  • Cloud Service Track 

Within Cloud Service, the partners are measured, among other things, on how good they are at “lift and shift” projects, database modernization, and Cloud Native projects. In the measurements which are performed by Oracle, the average score must be above 8.5, on a scale up to 10, if one can call oneself an Expert. Expert is the highest level in the new Oracle Partner Network.  

Cegal is certified in Oracle Cloud Sell, Oracle Cloud Service, and Oracle License and Hardware. 

As an Oracle Expert, this means that Cegal has:  

  • Multiple employees with the highest certifications on Oracle databases, Oracle Cloud, and other Oracle technology.  
  • Experience from several current Oracle projects with very satisfied customers.  
  • Close collaboration with Oracle around solutions and technologies.  

“Being an Oracle Expert provides trust for our customers that we have the expertise and experience required to turn complex IT challenges into successful customer stories. At the same time, our customers are confident that we are constantly updated on the latest technology from Oracle”, says CEO Ringås.  


Cegal gets Oracle and Microsoft to play together 

A result of Oracle expertise combined with Cegal ’s expertise in other technologies, and the fact that Cegal is a Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner, is that Cegal gets Oracle and Microsoft technology to play together. For example, applications on Microsoft Azure in conjunction with Oracle databases. Cegal lifts Oracle databases where they work best to Oracle Cloud. Then the cloud connects directly with Microsoft Azure and leaves the applications there. This is how you get a fantastic platform for innovation – a platform for a digital success story.

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