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Saving customers millions every year by connecting Microsoft and Oracle

03/29/2022 |

SYSCO launches cloud connectivity for Microsoft and Oracle technology, saving customers millions annually in IT related costs. 

SYSCO allows Microsoft and Oracle to play together with the new product Interconnect. Finansavisen covered the story on Monday March 16th, 2020. Given SYSCO’s strong position as partner both for Oracle and Microsoft, the company is among one of few IT vendors on a global basis that has experience in connecting Oracle databases in the Oracle cloud with IT solutions from Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure. The new solution is called Interconnect.  

This interconnection was impossible until Microsoft and Oracle entered into a close collaboration in 2019, where they agreed to physically connect their various data centers. The new, close collaboration between Microsoft and Oracle solves a long-standing customer need, and makes it possible to put a more modern, cloud-based IT architecture in place – a platform for new and innovative services.  

Group CEO of SYSCO Dagfinn Ringås highlights three main advantages with Interconnect:  

  1. Significant reduction in licensing costs to support Oracle databases. 
  1. Halves operating costs for services that can be turned off at night.  
  1. Replaces old-fashioned operating solutions that have a lot of tied-up capital and unpredictable costs for hardware and infrastructure.  

Our largest clients in energy and other industries will save millions annually by using Interconnect. In other words, the solution provides a significant effect on the bottom line from day one

Dagfinn Ringås

Read more in  Finansavisen 16.03.2020 >

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