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Cegal shines as a Microsoft Gold partner

Editorial staff Cegal want to build a stellar nextgen tech company that enables a more sustainable future, and shape the digital future by turning complex IT into digital success stories.
03/28/2022 |

Cegal has deep expertise in Microsoft’s cloud technology and is a Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner. Read about our important partnership with Microsoft.  

Cegal is a Microsoft Managed Partner for the energy sector as well as Microsoft Cloud Service Provider and Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner. We have broad expertise on the Azure platform and work with Microsoft and our customers every day to provide solutions for the smart use of data.  

Further down you can read about what it takes to become a Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner. First, a little bit about the background for our partnership with Microsoft and why it is so important – for us and for you as a customer.  

Microsoft partnership rooted in Cegal history 

Cegal’s close ties to Microsoft are rooted in our history and how we can best help our customers turn complex IT challenges into digital success stories.  

Since the beginning, Cegal has worked with demanding technology, especially with companies in the energy industry. In other words, the experience with and competence in what are today called legacy systems (older IT systems that run on dedicated servers) is solid.  

Our experience is that in order to turn complex IT systems into digital success stories, you must be strong in three areas:  

  1. You must know the customer’s industry: Cegal is an industry expert in the energy sector.
  2. You must be able to understand how complex IT systems can relate to advanced integration. Cegal has one of the leading competence environments for integration and middleware, both on Microsoft, Oracle, and Open-source technologies.  
  3. You must understand the older and critical solutions the customer already has: Cegal has many years of history as the leading Oracle competence house in the Nordic region.  

The combination of these three areas makes Cegal as an IT partner completely unique in Norway and in the Nordic countries. Naturally, we are Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner and Microsoft Managed Partner for the energy sector, as well as Microsoft Cloud Service Provider.  


Gold partnerships provide gold projects 

What does it mean to our customers that Cegal is a Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner?  

This means that Cegal has:  

  • Multiple employees with the highest certifications on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft cloud technology.  
  • Experience from several Microsoft Cloud projects – especially in the field of integration. We work closely with Microsoft on solutions, technology, and customers.  
  • We work closely with Microsoft on solutions, technology, and customers.  

“Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner is a reassurance to our customers that we have the expertise and experience required to turn complex IT challenges into digital success stories.”  

At the same time, our customers are confident that we are constantly updated on the latest technology from Microsoft. All Microsoft Gold Partners must renew their status each year. This means continuous competence development among our employees in the form of new Microsoft certifications, and that our Microsoft Cloud and Azure projects with customers have high customer scores and are good references.  


We get Microsoft and Oracle to play together  

A result of Cegal being a Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner, combined with our Oracle expertise, is that we bring Microsoft and Oracle technology together. Applications on Microsoft Azure in conjunction with Oracle databases. You might think that’s impossible. It’s not. At Cegal we lift the databases to where they work best, namely to Oracle Cloud. Then we connect this cloud directly with Microsoft Azure and leave the applications there. This is how you get a fantastic platform for innovation – a platform for a digital success story.  

The new, close collaboration between Microsoft and Oracle solves a need that customers have had for many years. It makes it possible to set up a modern IT architecture that allows you to leverage your valuable data to develop modern applications for the future. At the same time, you can save big costs on both licenses and hardware.  

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