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What is Interconnect? 

In summer 2019, Oracle and Microsoft announced a partnership to interconnect Oracle Cloud with Microsoft Azure. The partnership involves interoperability between the two online clouds, enabling companies to migrate to the cloud and run business-critical data loads between Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. 

For example, thanks to the new partnership, customers can connect Azure services, such as Analytics and AI, to data from the database in Oracle Cloud. In this way, the partnership ensures that clients get the best of both worlds, as well as a "one-stop shop" for all the cloud services and applications they need. New services can be tested on an ongoing basis from both Oracle and Microsoft, and clients can then choose the one that offers the best performance for them. 

More and more of Microsoft and Oracle's Cloud data centres are now physically wired together, enabling ultra-fast response times and high performance. It is possible to reach speeds that are far above what most customers have between equipment that is located at the same data centre. Databases can therefore be placed in one cloud and applications in another. In simple terms, with Interconnect, you can move your old "on-prem" solution to the cloud, without any redesign.

Cegal and Interconnect

At Cegal, we work with mission-critical solutions for many of Scandinavia's largest businesses. Cegal is a Platinum Oracle Partner and a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner, which means we have the certified expertise that is necessary to move your business to the cloud. 

We also possess considerable expertise in licensing, and can ensure that you get the right licensing savings when we lift your business up into the cloud. We also specialise in hybrid cloud solutions, the operation of business-critical solutions and database monitoring.  

Cegal was one of the first companies in the world to gain experience of the interconnect service between Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure.  

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