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What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL stands for Pan European Public Procurement Online, and is a digital infrastructure for electronic commerce in Europe. PEPPOL ensures that companies can easily send and receive electronic invoices across national borders.

In order for companies to send electronic invoices, they must connect to an access point in the e-commerce network. Everyone chooses the access point they want to use. You are connected to the PEPPOL network through the access point and can send and receive invoices to/from anyone else who is connected to the infrastructure. Thus, both the sender and the recipient can gain from all the benefits that are associated with electronic invoicing.

The Norwegian Digitalisation Agency (Digdir), formerly Difi, is responsible for administering the standard in Norway.

Cegal and PEPPOL

When using Cegal Multi Channel Invoice, you can access consignments of eFaktura B2B via an access point. In Multi Channel Invoice, we receive an invoice file containing the organisation number of the end customer. This number is then checked against the ELMA register to see whether the customer has registered for the receipt of eFaktura B2B. If the customer is registered in ELMA, the invoice will be sent directly to the recipient's accounting system via an access point. If the customer is not registered for such receipt in ELMA, the invoice will be forwarded in the distribution flow, either to another digital channel or directly to print.

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