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What is WebLogic?

Oracle WebLogic Server is an industry-leading application server for developing, distributing and running enterprise applications, such as Java, on-prem and/or in the cloud. The service offers a robust, mature and scalable implementation of Java Enterprise Edition (EE) and Jakarta EE. 

Application servers often play an important role in corporate computing by acting as a platform for the development, distribution and integration of business applications. They simplify common features like connectivity, security and integration. This enables the developer to focus solely on business logic. 

WebLogic Server centralises application services, such as web server functionality, business components and access to backend business systems. It uses technologies such as caching and connectivity to improve resource usage and application performance. 

Oracle WebLogic Server is fully supported on Kubernetes and enables users to migrate and efficiently build modern container apps with comprehensive Java services. 

The WebLogic server offers a "family" of products based on the Java EE platform. Apart from the application server, it consists of WebLogic Portal (a business portal), an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) platform, WebLogic Tuxedo (a transaction server), WebLogic Communication Platform, and a Web server.  

WebLogic is also used as a processing platform for online transactions and also includes functions for the development, organisation and distribution of e-commence across different computing environments. 

WebLogic is strategically integrated with Oracle's full product and cloud service portfolio, and is part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware portfolio. Large databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL server, DB2, etc. are supported by the WebLogic server.  

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Cegal and WebLogic

Cegal has many years of experience of helping our customers design and implement business-critical solutions based on WebLogic. Examples include solutions which cover everything from small internal applications to major public sector websites.

In addition, we also assist with troubleshooting and optimisation of our customers' existing installations, and offer operation and support via ongoing operational assistance, where we handle basic maintenance and management of WebLogic installations for our customers for a fixed monthly fee.

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