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Cegal takes social responsibility

Meaningful work

Building a legendary company for the energy industry

Our goal is to build a legendary company that our employees love to work for, and that our customers love to work with.

This is why we focus strongly on meaningful work and diversity.

We want our employees to have meaningful work where equal pay for equal work is key. Every year we arrange social engagement campaigns where we work voluntarily.

We are a diverse company with many nationalities and different people. In the future, we will significantly increase the proportion of women in the company.
Take a look at our video about closing the gender gap.


We are a diverse company with many nationalities and different people. In the future, we will significantly increase the proportion of women in the company, and reduce the average age of our new employees.

Without diversity in terms of gender, age, cultural background and skills, we will never be able to achieve our goal of building a legendary company. Equal pay for equal work and experience, equal opportunities regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion and ability is important to us.

Cegal is a Platinum partner in ODA-network, the leading network for women in tech in the Nordic countries.

Our CEO Dagfinn Ringås won the ODA Awards Man award

Dagfinn vinner pris

Dagfinn Ringås, CEO in Cegal, was awarded the ODA Awards Man during ODA Awards 2021. To achieve ODA’s goal of 40% women in tech, men and women need to collaborate across ages, backgrounds and skill sets. To contribute to this objective, ODA Awards are given as a recognition of focused work done by organizations or individuals to increase diversity in tech.

Is educating men the best way to combat unconscious bias? Read what our CEO Dagfinn Ringås has to say about the case in Interview with Equality Check here>


Humanity at Cegal

Humanity at Cegal was established by Cegal employees in September 2015. Today, Humanity at Cegal is part of Cegal's sustainability strategy, with three important focus areas - contributing to a better environment, taking social responsibility and being a responsible player.


We collaborate with local and global organizations, to support or finance local humanitarian or international development projects. We focus on projects that are related to the company's values, our core competence and our hearts.

Humanity1_536 × 438 px

Women at Cegal

Women at Cegal is a female network and platform for both professional and social activities for all women in Cegal. Its mission is to shape the future workplace through the exchange of experiences, skills and personal development.

During 2021, Cegal was recognized as the best midsize Norwegian company related to equality and diversity.

Hun Spanderer has developed Equality Check, a platform for public and anonymous reviews about the perception of equality and diversity in work life. It’s like TripAdvisor for equality and diversity.

In the transparent world of today we’re used to researching reviews for hotels and restaurants, but not for our workplace. Which is strange as where we choose to work is a major decision to make.

Read more about Women at Cegal here and their initiatives here>



FijiStiftelsen - Norway Safe Houses

FijiStiftelsen Norway Safe Houses - Cegal

Cegal is proud to be a partner in the Fiji Foundation's largest project to date - to build Norway Safe Houses, an evacuation center in Wainibuka in Fiji that will house the inhabitants in the event of the next flood or cyclone. The project was initiated after Cyclone Winston hit the area very hard, and the damage to the schools and the village was enormous.



The evacuation center will serve several purposes and contain a large multipurpose room, which can function as a classroom or gymnasium, toilets, kitchen, library, a room for medical examinations and health, and last but not least, a room for the women of the village to make their own business where help for self-help is an important step out of poverty.

Read more and watch a video presentation of the project here >

SOS Children's Villages - Digital Village



Cegal is proud to be a partner in the Digital Village project run by SOS Children's Villages. In this project, SOS Children's Villages and their partners work to fill the digital gap and give marginalized children equal opportunities through technology. In Norway, SOS Children's Villages initiated this project with tech founder Isabelle Ringnes.

346,000,000 children across the globe have no access to the digital world. In Norway, more than 400,000 citizens are stuck in the digital gap. Since starting in 2017, more than 15,000 children, youth and caretakers in SOS Children's Villages program across the globe have received access to digital tools and training.

Cegal is a company with strong tech skills, and we work to solve IT challenges. In Digital Village, we use our expertise to understand the digital gap. We are planning a workshop to share our knowledge about digitalization, protection of children online, and deliver IT solutions that speak a language children can understand.

Read more about Digital Village here.


Since 2019, our largest and most important initiative has been working with the National Criminal Investigation Service (Kripos) to prevent child and adolescent abuse online.

Together with Kripos, Cegal has established a group of volunteers to investigate how we can work to reduce this significant challenge by using our skills across disciplines and new technology. We invited other tech companies to join us in what we call “Dugnad til barnas beste”, which means working together for the children.


Humans for Humans

We work together with Humans for Humans to fight human trafficking. Human trafficking is a concerning problem in Norway and across the globe. In Norway, up to 300 victims of human trafficking are identified every year. Read more about how our employees work pro bono to fight this modern version of slavery.


Humans for Humans is an organization working to help victims of human trafficking. Cegal has contributed to make a web-based communication platform that is secured against surveillance and makes it safer for victims of human trafficking to communicate with those who can help. It also makes it easier for volunteers to collaborate and share information.


Girl Tech Fest

Girl Tech Fest (GTF) is an initiative to increase girls’ interest in tech and science. In fourth and fifth grade, girls can join a school day out of the ordinary, filled with experiments and exercises focused on tech. At GTF the participants get to be creative and innovative, and they learn that the tech industry also consists of women and girls!

Read more about Cegal`s robotics classes at GTF

Read about: We want to inspire the future women in tech!



Girl Tech Fest in Mexico

The fight for more women in tech is not just about Scandinavia. We at Cegal want to help increase diversity in the industry outside Norway as well. That's why we have chosen to support Girl Tech Fest in Mexico. In Norway, Girl Tech Fest is a great success, and we would like to help give girls in Mexico the same opportunities. Yes, Mexico is far away from Norway - but tech is limitless and just as relevant everywhere.

Our focus areas:

Want to know more about Social Responsibility? We are ready to help you.

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