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We contribute to a better environment

Our efforts are aligned with the UN’s sustainability goals.

Our focus and contribution

Taking care of the environment is an issue we not only care about, but contribute to. Our focus within the environment is divided into our three main areas:

  1. Reducing carbon footprint. We manage our environmental impact. Our EGS (Environmental, Social, and Governance) roadmap supports our goal to become carbon neutral by 2023.

  2. Supporting our customers in achieving their sustainability goals by providing digital technologies supporting reduced emissions.

  3. Super skilled tech people who contribute to environmentally friendly solutions and responsible consumption and production by our customers.

Cegal’s mission is to create digital success stories in meaningful and sustainable industries. This is why we have specialized in the energy industry, and we have set ourselves specific goals of linking our customer projects to the UN’s sustainability goals.

We are determined to continuously contribute to taking care of our planet. Our work is aligned with the international standard specified in NS-EN ISO-14001:2015 Environmental management system and we possess the ISO 14001 IQNET Certificate.

Our focus areas:

Would you like to talk to us about Better Environment? We are ready to help you.

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