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Want to be the world’s leading tech company for the energy sector

03/28/2022 |

The ambition with the merger of Cegal and SYSCO is to be established as the most important tech company for the energy sector within five years”, says Dagfinn Ringås, CEO of Cegal

In August, it was announced that Cegal and SYSCO will merge into one company, which is currently known as Cegal SYSCO. The rationale behind the merger between the oil-tech company Cegal and renewable-tech company SYSCO is the ongoing shift towards renewable energy sources in the entire energy industry and the merging of energy sources for the power producers.  

This also formed the basis for a big interview with oncoming CEO of Cegal SYSCO, Dagfinn Ringås, that was published in Finansavisen on the 22nd of November 2021. 

“It is all coming together”, Ringås told Finansavisen and added:  

"In five years, the ambition is for us to have established as the most important tech company for energy in the world, and as the most interesting and attractive employer in the industry. We will be the tech superpower that both works in a sustainable industry and helps companies into the renewable society. 

Dagfinn Ringås

Both Cegal and SYSCO have extensive experience with digitization for customers in the energy sector. The energy industry has a great need to solve completely new challenges so that they can deliver energy in new and sustainable ways, and this green transition means that huge investments are being made in technology transformation. 

“A key to helping the industry with the green transition is solid industry expertise and long experience from the sector. Together, SYSCO and Cegal have extensive experience from and deep knowledge of the entire energy value chain from the second oil and gas is pumped up and hydropower becomes electricity, until the energy is delivered and invoiced to private customers or large companies, says Ringås and adds: 

“In addition, modern and easy-to-use software is required. The green transition happens so fast that the energy companies do not have time for long, complex IT projects. Simultaneously, they need help with integration, data analysis, and safe and efficient operations and monitoring. Together, Cegal SYSCO will be a strong player that will deliver industrial and specialized products and services in these areas”.  

A more unknown part of the oil history is that Norwegian oil technologists 30 years ago developed some of the first systems that allowed the oil and gas companies to get an overview of their production. Several of these technologists currently work at SYSCO. Learn more about SYSCO EnergyX here.  

“Cegal and SYSCO have mostly been doing similar things, only in different parts of the energy sector, and now it is all coming together. Equinor will invest NOK 200 billion in the renewable sector during the next five years and is only one of many energy giants investing heavily in that direction.” 

Dagfinn Ringås to Finansavisen

Read the article in Finansavisen here >

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