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EnergyX Dispatch

A solution for companies that buy, sell, and transport natural gas.

Sale and transport of natural gas

EnergyX Dispatch helps you plan and carry out the purchase, sale, and transport of natural gas.

EnergyX Dispatch has been developed in collaboration with several of the leading gas transporters on the Norwegian continental shelf, and was introduced into the market at the start of the 2020 Gas Year.

EnergyX Dispatch keeps you up to date with your contractual obligations through support for ordering capacity on the transport network. It allows you to quickly gain control of sudden imbalances or limitations through a fast and intuitive user interface with visualizations and alarms.

The system has been developed in accordance with Edig@s standards, supports secure communication over AS2/AS4, and gives you full control over all messages in and out of the system.

The solution is delivered in Microsoft Azure, both as a distributed solution and as a SaaS model.

Contact us for a demonstration and to talk about what might be best for you.

Key EnergyX Dispatch features

Automatic handling of data

No more interpretation and processing of manual reports and different data formats.

  • Data automatically received and sent
  • Wide range of communication channels
  • Modern, scalable and flexible data integration
Full control on Gas Day

The integrity and quality of the data with which you work are essential to ensuring full control on Gas Day.

  • Instant and automatically validate data in system
  • Complete control over discrepancies or errors

EnergyX Dispatch allows you to see your entire gas portfolio, across manufacturers, transport systems and buyers.

  • Enter contracts, active/planned for a long time to come
  • Support for controlling available capacity
  • Identify and respond to market opportunities
Full traceability and control of data

In EnergyX Dispatch, we handle all your data audits with complete transparency — from the original message that came in or went out. Through any calculations or conversions.

  • Full control over which data is current
  • Full control over data used in messages
  • Important when delivering data for invoicing/processing
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