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What is CaaS?

By using a Client as a Service (CaaS) solution, a partner can administer and manage its customer's laptops and desktop PCs throughout the entire life cycle. It is a simple, predictable, affordable solution for both partner and customer. It is a solution that offers greater flexibility in terms of both technological development and volume management.

Buyers of IT equipment in businesses of all sizes share the same fundamental priorities: cutting IT costs, making their business more efficient, enabling non-cost related improvements (such as productivity), and providing better service. Unfortunately, many of them experience challenges in keeping track of client devices across multiple locations, with the result that outdated machines remain in use amongst the workforce.

Outdated hardware and operating systems are not only an important source of lost productivity, they can also lead to discontent among employees. If it has a CaaS solution, a business will always have access to new and updated equipment, and run the business more efficiently with satisfied employees.

Cegal and CaaS

Cegal makes use of the Microsoft Intune cloud service for managing and operating clients (CaaS) on behalf of our customers. The service enables you to set up a PC from any brand from anywhere, providing Microsoft Windows 10 is installed on the device. All the user has to do is enter their user name and password.

The device will then be configured according to the company’s policy and the appropriate software will be downloaded and set up over the internet. The same service can also be used to manage/control mobile phones, tablets and other devices. It provides excellent control and security for all the end users' IT tools.

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