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Cegal helps victims of human trafficking

Editorial staff Cegal want to build a stellar nextgen tech company that enables a more sustainable future, and shape the digital future by turning complex IT into digital success stories.
08/11/2021 |

In Norway, up to 300 victims of human trafficking are discovered every year. SYSCO allows employees to use their working hours to help in the important fight against this form of modern slavery

“We have helped create a secure, web-based communication platform that makes it safer for victims of human trafficking to contact helpers. In addition, it is easier for volunteers who work against human trafficking to collaborate and share information”, says Vitaly Moshkov.  

Moshkov works as a Chief Consultant and tech mentor in SYSCO and as part of the job he also contributes as a volunteer in the work against human trafficking through the organization Humans for Humans.  

A serious problem 

Human trafficking is a major and serious problem worldwide. The UN estimates that there are 40.3 million victims of human trafficking or modern-day slavery globally. These are often exploited in the sex industry or as “helpers” in various forms of crime, but also in ordinary working life as unpaid workers. Human trafficking takes place in all countries – including Norway. Every year, between 100 and 300 victims are discovered in Norway.  

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres emphasizes the seriousness of human trafficking: 

“Human trafficking is a detestable crime that is happening around us. The victims, of whom 30 percent are children, are exposed to forced labor, sexual exploitation, and other forms of abuse. We must do more to bring criminals to justice, and help victims rebuild their lives.”  

Supports the fight against human trafficking 

Fortunately, there are several organizations working to help victims of human trafficking, in addition to the UN and other governmental organizations. One of them is Humans for Humans, which was established in Oslo in 2020, and where SYSCO is both partner and sponsor.  

Humans for Humans provides free mental health care to victims of human trafficking and assists people who work with human trafficking. In addition, the organization works to get authorities and local communities to work against this form of crime.  

Vitaly Moshkov was the initiator of SYSCO’s partnership with Humans for Humans.  


Hackathon against human trafficking  

“Usually, we create code to improve or optimize a system which ultimately results in the system owner becoming a little richer. The mercantile driver is perfectly fine and necessary. At the same time, it is both exciting and important for me, and I believe for all of us, to be able to use IT to save lives”

Vitaly Moshkov.  

The first project in collaboration with Humans for Humans was about helping to create a solution that makes the lives of refugees safer and more predictable. In November 2021, SYSCO was one of the partners for an anti-trafficking hackathon. The goal was to develop a web platform/app to strengthen the organization’s work against human trafficking. The digital platform to be used by victims of human trafficking must, among other things, ensure anonymity related to information and communication.  

“With the pandemic, it became more urgent to put in place a digital platform and move work and communication into a digital world. With a hackathon, we could get good solutions in place quickly”, says Moshkov. On a daily basis, he works mostly with integration platform, such as Oracle SOA and Microsoft Azure.  


SYSCO provides work with meaning 

The collaboration with Humans for Humans is in line with SYSCO’s strategy, which also emphasizes meaningful work. SYSCO’s employees can work pro bono in several meaningful projects.   

“One of our three causes is that SYSCO must take social responsibility. Therefore, it is fitting that we support Humans for Humans both as one of the main sponsors and contributing with our technical expertise”

CEO Dagfinn Ringås in SYSCO.  

He adds that SYSCO has chosen to support projects and organizations that in various ways to help people and contribute to a better world.  

“At SYSCO, we really want to take social responsibility and be a responsible player and we experience that this is very meaningful for many of our employees”, says Ringås.  

“We must continue to help Humans for Humans and other similar organizations with what we at SYSCO can do best – namely to improve people’s quality of life through secure and robust IT solutions”, Moshkov adds.  

Humans for Humans is a voluntary organization focusing on mental health among victims of human trafficking. Today, there are nine volunteers in the organization who work with:  

  • Treatment: Free mental health care for victims of and people working againhuman trafficking.  
  • Counteracting human trafficking: Develops campaigns, information materials and teaching aids that shed light on the topic.  
  • Better offer: Constantly develops the physical and digital help offer. Supports research projects and development of public assistance services.  


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