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Volvo Car Stor-Oslo will provide unique customer experiences - Cegal supplies the digital foundation

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04/11/2023 |

Volvo Car Stor-Oslo will become a global Volvo flagship store. When the new dealer was to be established, it was natural to choose Cegal as the IT partner due to Cegal's industry experience and technology and digitalization expertise. 

Volvo Car Stor-Oslo was established when Autostrada and Kverneland Bil took over three Volvo dealers in the Oslo region. On the first of July 2022, the new dealer started with three existing car shops in and around the capital. Today, Volvo Car Stor-Oslo (VCSO) accounts for approximately 20 percent of Volvo's total sales in Norway.

Volvo Car Stor-Oslo aims to be one of the most forward-looking and modern Volvo dealers in Europe. The dealer will give customers a new and unique Volvo experience and make car maintenance seamless, problem-free, and predictable. The customer and the customer journey shall be impeccable, regardless of whether the customer meeting is physical or digital.

Ole-Alexander Moy, Head of Digital at Volvo Car Stor-Oslo, starts: “It's all about creating good experiences that put the customers even more in focus, and we want to lead the way in this digitalization process.”

Cegal is Volvo Car Stor-Oslo's IT department

When the business transfer of the three Volvo dealers in the Oslo region was to be carried out, the new dealer contacted Cegal to support as a technology supplier.

If the IT systems did not work from day one, we could not start with ordinary service offerings with sales and service to our customers.

Ole-Alexander Moy, Volvo Car Stor-Oslo

Ole-Alexander Moy says: “Kverneland Bil, one of our owners, had good experience with Cegal. The experience from the collaboration with Kverneland Bil gave me confidence that Cegal had the necessary competence and knowledge.”

He emphasizes that it was not a case of starting with a blank slate on the IT side.

Moy continues: “Since this was a business transfer to a retailer without existing branches, all systems had to be established ahead of the transfer. The experience Cegal has from the industry helped to reduce the risk in this part of the process.”

Moy underlines that the IT project went as planned and that Volvo Car Stor-Oslo was up and running on the new computer platform at the agreed time. Cegal and VCSO transferred all existing infrastructure, including networks, printers, and PCs. Today these are used by the approximately 200 employees in Volvo Car Stor-Oslo.

Moy says: “We started full operations at the agreed time and experience having a stable and secure IT platform. Cegal supplies a service desk that our employees can use when they need help. To resolve challenges, a competent service desk is important for users and customers.”

Moy adds: “Today, a car repair requires access to a PC, so the IT platform must be stable and always up and running.”

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Digital platform for the car business of the future

Cegal delivers their cloud solution Cetegra, which provides seamless integration with older systems and programs and an optimal working environment for everyone. Volvo Car Stor-Oslo's IT solutions are distributed to PCs and mobile devices. Moy points out that standardized products and solutions, combined with Cegal's expertise, provide cost-effective IT operations and a ditto IT platform.

If VCSO is to achieve its goals, the business needs an IT partner to deliver the digital platform supporting its ambitions. Today's platform makes adding new companies or closing down industries or business areas easy and cost-effective.

The collaboration with Cegal has been excellent and constructive.

Ole-Alexander Moy, Volvo Car Stor-Oslo

Ole-Alexander Moy concludes: “We have a long-term contract with Cegal, and the partnership develops in line with our needs. Some of the business systems used by the automotive industry are legacy systems that must be operated in whole or in part on dedicated servers. Today we are a hybrid world with some older professional systems with local software and servers, but these will gradually be modernized.”


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