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Beerenberg modernizes its IT platform with Cegal as a partner

Editorial staff Cegal want to build a stellar nextgen tech company that enables a more sustainable future, and shape the digital future by turning complex IT into digital success stories.
03/07/2023 |

Beerenberg faced challenges with an old, outdated, and vulnerable IT platform. With Cegal as its IT partner, the service company has now acquired a modern cloud-based platform that simplifies and streamlines the daily work of its employees, providing the IT department with increased security and control over devices and costs.

Jørgen Zachariassen Hosøy, VP Information Technology at Beerenberg, highlights: "We focus on our users, our employees. Since we got Cegal as our IT partner, it has become much easier for all our employees to access the systems they need, no matter where they are."

Furthermore, Zachariassen Hosøy mentions that the company has much better IT infrastructure control. They can monitor each device, track who is logged into individual computers, and control licenses, costs, and security better.

Beerenberg delivers unique services worldwide

For over 40 years, the Beerenberg Group has provided innovative service solutions to a wide range of industrial businesses globally, covering the entire life cycle from field studies and new builds to maintenance, modifications, and life extension - always with a focus on improving HSEQ (health, environment, safety, and quality), productivity and consistency.

Some of the services and products they offer include architectural outfitting, engineering, surface treatment, scaffolding, insulation, rope access techniques, industrial cleaning, and fire protection products. On the customer list, we find well-known companies such as Equinor, Hyundai, Norcem, Samsung, Shell, Wintershall DEA, Aibel, Aker BP, and Yara.

Beerenberg is headquartered in Bergen and has offices in Stavanger and Skien, Poland, Great Britain, South Korea, Thailand, and Singapore. Beerenberg has almost 2,000 employees. Three employees run the IT department.

The new IT platform also makes it easier for Beerenberg to comply with rules and regulations in the countries where they operate, and they can respond to both internal and external audits.

Zachariassen Hosøy says: “Improved control over and insight into our IT platform has also ensured that we are properly licensed for the systems we use. It has provided reduced IT costs - an immediate effect on the bottom line.”

Digital transformation, together with Cegal

After many years with an old and complex IT platform, Beerenberg needed help to undergo a digital transformation with a transition to a new, modern, and future-oriented IT platform. The former IT platform needed to be updated was inflexible to new technologies and provided little insight into costs. Moreover, the risks associated with the platform were high.

After evaluating several IT companies, Beerenberg chose Cegal as their IT partner. So far, the results have been good.

Jørgen Zachariassen Hosøy says: “We have standardized onboarding and setup of PCs, ensuring that regardless of whether you are in Thailand, Singapore, or Skien, the process is the same.”

Within 20 minutes, a new user has access to all the systems and solutions they should have. At the same time, we have full control.

Jørgen Zachariassen Hosøy, Beerenberg

Together with Cegal, Beerenberg's IT department has designed a shared IT platform that is efficient for all employees worldwide, allowing them to automate several of the old manual processes, such as onboarding and offboarding of hired and employed personnel. Also, various services are set up so that employees can serve themselves.

Beerenberg uses several services and applications from Microsoft and has chosen Microsoft's cloud platform, Azure, for solutions and IT infrastructure that could be moved to the cloud. Some older applications must still be run on dedicated servers located in Beerenberg's data center. Access to these is done with Cegal's standard products from the Cegal Cloud portfolio.

Magnus Groenaas, Senior Customer Success Manager at Cegal, concludes: “Managing so much of Beerenberg's IT services requires a lot of trust from the customer. I feel that Beerenberg trusts us in every aspect. Both parties benefit from this in terms of operation and support in an increasingly complex everyday IT environment.”

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