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What is VMware?

VMware, Inc. is a U.S. cloud computing and virtualisation technology enterprise which has its head office in California. VMware is the world's leading provider of virtualisation software and private cloud solutions.

VMware makes it possible to easily and securely run multiple operating systems on your PC. VMware is a software tool which makes it possible to utilise various operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Unix by installing a virtual operating system on your current operating system. If, for example, you need to use an operating system other than Windows, you can use VMware to add another operating system without uninstalling Windows from your computer.

VMware virtualizes hardware components such as graphics cards, network cards and hard drives. For businesses, this is especially useful when configuring multiple server systems, if you want to avoid purchasing separate hardware for each of these.

Cegal and VMware

Cegal uses VMware to improve performance for our customers, as the software is well-suited to modern computing, guaranteeing businesses a high level of security, reliability, efficiency and functionality.

Cegal also makes use of the VMware software internally. We do this when we want to run multiple virtual servers on the same underlying hardware.

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