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The utility company Elværk gains increased security with operational monitoring and database specialists.

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02/23/2023 |

Elværk receives help from Cegal with operational support and application support for their billing software SonWin, to ensure stability and optimal performance.

Elværk is an energy company with headquarters in Thisted, Denmark and supplies approximately. 44,000 shareholders with electricity in an area of 1,600 km2. It is therefore extremely important that the reliability is top notch for their Microsoft SQL databases to run optimally without failure.

Need for operational support and application support

Elværk previously experienced problems with their billing software SonWin, which is an IT installation with high requirements. To guarantee for their software to run optimally, it was necessary to ensure that their application servers, and their underlying Microsoft SQL servers, had high performance and uptime, that matched the company's requirements.

New architecture ensures fast and stable operation

Through dialogue with Elværk and Cegal (formerly Systemtech) we found a solution to their problem. A consultant from Cegal was tasked with redesigning the architecture and database setup for the SonWin billing software. It was also important that the new solution could be integrated better with the rest of their existing IT solutions.

Proactive monitoring provides insight and security

Subsequently, Elværk has decided to subscribe to Cegal's Managed Services for monitoring of the database environment. This ensures that their business-critical systems always perform optimally and stably.

This form of proactive monitoring means that alarms can quickly be detected, and problems can quickly be solved, they tick directly into support at Cegal, where the necessary measures can be taken. The monitoring is used both proactively and for more urgent needs.

You could say, that with this solution Elværk has gotten more specialized database professionals linked closely to their organization.

«It gives us the assurance of a database environment that works. In a complex system setup, where reliability is a requirement, it is crucial for us that it is highly specialized database professionals who maintain, monitor, and ensure that the system performs stably.»

Rolf Kirk, Department Manager Data Mining, Elværk

Cegal's extensive knowledge of the energy sector has also helped to ensure a good and long-standing collaboration with Elværk, where Cegal's consultants have now provided operational support and assistance for several years. A collaboration that is mutually experienced as positive and without friction.

«In short, it has run smoothly and without problems during my involvement.»

Claudia Werner, System Technician Data Mining, Elværk 

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