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What is Systemtech?

Systemtech A/S is a Microsoft expert that offers customers in both the private and public sector good, stable and performance-optimized IT. The company was established in 2004 and specializes in databases, Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL. They are based in Skanderborg and became part of the Cegal family in 2022. This contributes to Cegal now gaining even stronger muscles in SQL.

The SQL specialists are fully focused on creating optimized operating stability, performance and preventive maintenance. The database can be called the heart of the IT department. Data volumes increase year by year and it is essential to have a well-functioning data platform. Your SQL database may be under your NAV, BC or other critical business application. Data many users depend on every day.

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What does Systemtech do?

Systemtech helps IT operations managers, finance professionals, hosts and database administrators to create performance and high security on their Microsoft SQL databases and data platforms.