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#Techday - more agile methods in the future

Andreas Holmqvist Andreas is the Product Manager at Cegal Energy Products and has extensive experience in developing digital products for the energy industry. He works closely with the market and ensures that Cegal delivers relevant and valuable products to its customers in the renewable energy sector.
05/08/2024 |

At Techday, Statnett and Elhub bring together hundreds of technologists and industry decision-makers for presentations and professional discussions. Naturally, Cegal was in attendance to gain insights and engage in discussions on the key challenges shaping the industry today.

Techday 2024 was a day filled with insightful presentations and engaging discussions. Here is a brief summary of some of the highlights from the event:

Innovative product development in a traditional industry

Statnett has embraced agile methodologies to develop digital tools that support the work of their over 1000 employees.
Elhub transitioned from a large implementation project to an organization with cross-functional teams across different value streams.

Several posts highlighted the importance of a modern (read agile) approach to developing digital products. Statnett has long used a decision-making model tailored to large infrastructure projects. On their digitalization journey, they have embraced agile methods to create tools that support the critical work they do. Elhub shared their experience transitioning from a large implementation project delivered using the waterfall method, through a lengthy in-sourcing process, to an organization with cross-functional teams across different value streams.

Operation of an increasingly intricate power system

● Increased renewable and unpredictable power generation demands new tools for managing bottlenecks and flexibility in the power system.
● NODES shared their insights on flexibility markets, while Statnett presented tools for operating the power system in 15-minute intervals.

The power system is evolving with the increasing presence of unpredictable renewable energy production. While hydropower forms the backbone of Norwegian energy production, it's not sufficient as society rapidly electrifies. Solar and wind power are being extensively developed, but their production is weather-dependent. NODES shared insights on flexibility markets, while Statnett showcased their tools for managing bottlenecks in a power system operated in 15-minute intervals instead of hourly.

Sustainable IT

● IT accounts for a significant portion of the world's energy consumption. It is crucial for us to make conscious choices regarding IT infrastructure and demand sustainability from our suppliers.
● Hafslund shared their insights on creating a more sustainable IT industry.

IT is estimated to account for up to 10 percent of the world's energy consumption. Every email we send to a colleague, every file we store, every query, and every AI prompt requires processing and storage space. As we build large data centers to support an increasingly digital world in the cloud, valuable land is being utilized. Hafslund shared their insights on the importance of incorporating sustainability into our decisions regarding IT infrastructure. They emphasized the significance of the industry setting sustainability standards for its suppliers as well.

Edge computing

● Smart management of the power system demands an influx of data from sensors (IoT, the Internet of Things).
● Å Energi has constructed a framework to configure thousands of devices to perform tasks out in the field using Azure technology.

Efficient management of the power system, from production to distribution and consumption, necessitates accessing an increasing amount of data from sensors (IoT, Internet of Things). For security reasons, data processing must occur where it originates, rather than being solely collected in central systems. Å Energi showcased how they have utilized Microsoft Azure technology to construct a framework for effectively configuring thousands of devices to carry out the appropriate tasks in the field.

The digital power system

Elbits has achieved a lot in their first year - now with a CEO and CTO in place, they presented their vision to help create a digital power system for an electrified Norway. Together, they aim to enhance the ability of network companies to develop and utilize shared insights and digital products that provide more capacity to customers and society. They showcased the "elephant" and how they break it down into smaller pieces to work on products, features, and Proof of Concepts. While many are familiar with WattApp and the national model, they have much more in store, such as operational planning and customer interaction.

In addition to the mentioned topics, discussions also touched on:

● Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its role in the power industry
● Digital interaction with customers and users
● Security in a digitized power system

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Cegal in the power industry

Elhub and Statnett shared insights on their collaboration in developing their design systems during the session "From design cyst to design system." While they each have different systems, they work together and exchange experiences. Elhub mentioned how they drew inspiration from Statnett. Managing five different web applications, Elhub, like Cegal, focuses on frontend development for both organizations. They have adopted a design system, derived from NAV, making it easier to adapt to general requirements and solve issues within the framework rather than in each individual application.

Cegal has deep roots as a leading technology provider in the Norwegian energy industry. For over 20 years, we have been developing systems and delivering digitalization and consulting services across the entire renewable energy production value chain. We take pride in being part of the technological advancements in the energy sector and contributing to a more sustainable future.


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