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Cegal is Save the Children Norway's first EdTech partner

Editorial staff Cegal want to build a stellar nextgen tech company that enables a more sustainable future, and shape the digital future by turning complex IT into digital success stories.
05/30/2023 |

Cegal is the first EdTech partner for Save the Children Norway. The EdTech sponsorship at Redd Barna is vital to Cegal’s sustainability strategy.

Sustainability is an essential part of Cegal’s work and strategy, and Cegal has therefore different initiatives in various areas. “Humanity at Cegal” is one of them and has grown from being an independent organization within Cegal to being part of the larger sustainability strategy.

Lisa Hellweger, chairwoman of Humanity at Cegal, explains: “Humanity at Cegal is a group of Cegalians that deeply care about giving back to society and are working together on different humanitarian projects to create a better world. Humanity at Cegal has full support from the leadership team, both financially and workwise, as Cegalians are allowed to work pro bono on chosen projects.”

Now Humanity at Cegal has become Save the Children Norway’s (Redd Barna) first EdTech (educational technology) partner. 

As Redd Barna's first EdTech partner, we will work closely together to create a better future for underprivileged children across the globe by providing them with better access to education through the power of technology
Lisa Hellweger, Humanity at Cegal

Cegal will financially support Save the Children Norway with 150.000 NOK and, more importantly, with pro bono work from our highly qualified tech experts. Pro bono work refers to services rendered by a professional for free and “for the public good.”

Save the Children Norway was chosen as the preferred partner because of its structured approach to tackling global challenges affecting children in need and its global reach as a well-established organization. One of Save the Children Norway´s four strategic priorities for 2022-2024 is to get children back to school and secure quality education.

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Technology can make a true difference

Hellweger explains: “Did you know the global climate crisis is the biggest threat to children's learning rights? As extreme weather events are destroying schools, an increasing number of children are forced to leave their homes and education behind. Countries facing the highest vulnerability are Afghanistan, Sudan, and Somalia - only to name a few.”

Using technology can make a true difference and protect children's education in high-risk countries. Hence, Redd Barna is working hard on different EdTech initiatives to provide children with safe and equitable access to education when access to the physical classroom is impossible and dangerous.

Hellweger underlines: “As a global tech powerhouse, we at Cegal have the skillset Redd Barna needs to support their EdTech work and provide more children with better access to education. To ensure we are making the best out of the pro bono donation, we will have a workshop in June to identify the best project match - where we Cegalians can make a true difference!”

Save the Children has worked for children's rights for over 100 years. In 2022 alone, 48 million children worldwide received direct help from the politically and religiously neutral organization. Over 9 million children received support to go to school.

Lisa Hellweger has a last comment: “We at Humanity at Cegal believe this partnership has great potential and are very excited to see Cegalians joining forces in providing children with better access to education!”

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