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Smooth transition to Agile IT Governance for Sval

Editorial staff Cegal want to build a stellar nextgen tech company that enables a more sustainable future, and shape the digital future by turning complex IT into digital success stories.
04/11/2024 |

Cegal Agile IT Governance is the glue between Sval’s business and IT operations. Agile IT Governance allows Sval to focus on its core business—exploration and production of oil and gas fields—and growth, while the IT operations have gone from reactive to proactive. 

After acquiring Spirit Energy Norway in 2022, Sval rapidly established itself as a top-ten oil and gas producer in Norway. Since then, the company has been on a fierce digital journey and is utilizing new technologies to operate efficiently and productively.

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Sval’s vision is to continue developing its activity on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) and continuously look for opportunities to grow its portfolio and create value for owners and society. Their goal is to become a top-five producer on the NCS.

Cegal has, over the past years, delivered IT operations and technology. Now, Sval and Cegal have taken the IT operations one step further, and Cegal has become an IT Strategic Partner. On January 4th, 2024, Sval and Cegal successfully went live with Agile IT Governance, a new collaborative operating model.

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The agile IT delivery model with Cegal is an essential part of Sval’s strategy for digital technology.

Bjørn Magnus, Vice-president of IT at Sval 

The project of establishing Agile IT Governance has been a success. The operational effects will be significant, but it’s too early to state concrete results. With Cegal Agile IT Governance, Sval's IT operations have gone from reactive to proactive. The proactive layer of governance has been added by introducing Agile IT Governance on top of existing IT operations. This layer is also the glue between business and IT, which allows IT to support the business more seamlessly.

Bjørn Magnus, Vice-president of IT at Sval, says: “The establishment phase of Agile IT Governance was very important to ensure not only robust services from the onset, but also for aligning expectations and building culture. A key success factor was the ability to maintain an open and honest dialogue continuously throughout the process. Also, we were very impressed with the responsiveness of Cegal.”

ITIL with Agile IT Governance on top 

The partnership with Cegal lets Sval focus on the exploration and production (E&P) of oil and gas fields on the NCS - while Cegal has supported Sval's business with stable and secure IT operations and technology. Cegal utilizes ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), a framework of best practices for delivering IT services. Now, Sval and Cegal have taken the IT operation partnership further by adding a proactive layer of governance by introducing Agile IT Governance on top of existing IT operations.

Mamta Malhotra, Business Services Manager at Cegal, says: “With Agile IT Governance, we drive continual improvement initiatives based on benefits realization plans.”

With Agile IT Governance, we will proactively drive processes and annual wheel activities, facilitate smooth delivery, and ensure the reporting ecosystem is integrated.

Mamta Malhotra, Business Services Manager at Cegal

The Agile IT framework is strategically designed to bridge business objectives and IT execution, ensuring a robust governance structure that captures Sval's business needs while facilitating effective communication with Cegal. Within this framework, Sval Energi dictates the strategic direction and priorities, allowing Cegal to deliver proactive value creation and serve as an insightful business advisor. This collaboration fosters continuous improvement through rapid decision-making and a deep understanding of performance metrics, embodying the essence of Agile by aligning IT capabilities directly with business goals.

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Departure from rigid structures

Agile IT Governance represents a departure from rigid, hierarchical structures to a more adaptive and collaborative model. It integrates agile principles into governance practices, emphasizing transparency, iterative processes, and continuous improvement to maximize customer business value. The Agile IT Governance service is similar to how Cegal delivers IT operations and services to other customers, including Okea

Malhotra adds, “The core IT infrastructure remains the same. However, our ways of working will change from reactive to proactive, which will require a new focus and mindset. As part of the new operative model, new processes, governance, and reporting have been established to support proactive delivery.” 

By bringing everything under the Agile IT Governance umbrella, Sval can streamline its partner ecosystem agile and proactively.

Mamta Malhotra at Cegal concludes: “As we conclude this project, we celebrate the synergy between our team's dedication and our client's insights, a partnership that drove us beyond expectations. This success highlights the essence of effective project management: clear communication, shared goals, and proactive problem-solving. We thank our team for their commitment and Sval for their trust and collaboration. Together, we've turned challenges into achievements, setting a solid foundation for future endeavors. Our journey exemplifies the transformative power of teamwork and client-focused dedication, underscoring our commitment to delivering excellence in every project. As we progress, we remain committed to excellence in customer satisfaction and eagerly anticipate building on this success in our future projects.”

Mamta Malhotra, Business Services Manager at Cegal

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