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Klubmodul avoided hardware expansion with database optimization

Editorial staff Cegal want to build a stellar nextgen tech company that enables a more sustainable future, and shape the digital future by turning complex IT into digital success stories.
05/09/2023 |

Optimizing the database has both saved Klubmodul from the cost of hardware expansions and improved performance

Klubmodul is a Danish company, founded in 2008, and is Denmark's leading solution for clubs, organizations, and associations. Klubmodul's product is an administration and membership system containing software solutions designed and developed to help associations and organizations. With Klubmodul's software, memberships, teams, training, registrations, payments, and much more can be managed in a unified online solution.

Klubmodul understands that different associations and organizations have different needs. Therefore, they offer many specialized solutions that meet the individual challenges, wishes, and needs of different associations and organizations, such as clubs, private businesses, and federations. 

Embraces digitalization  

Klubmodul has embraced digitalization and has developed an app with which, you can easily and quickly call for training, create activities in the calendar, send texts, mail, or notifications, access contact lists, and more. The app is designed to simplify the daily lives of instructors, coaches, and members by making repetitive and important tasks easier to handle on the go.

More than 2,360 different databases

Klubmodul is used by thousands of associations and organizations in the Nordic region and handles over 1 million memberships, and thousands of transactions every day, which places enormous demands on their database. As more associations are added, more data needs to be handled. 

Due to the large amounts of data, Klubmodul's developers experienced that their Microsoft SQL Server was at full capacity, which resulted in longer response times in Klubmodul. To address their challenges, Klubmodul contacted Cegal. After a thorough analysis of Klubmodul's SQL Server, Cegal's SQL specialist was able to find the reason behind the longer response times. The challenge was that a new database with a suboptimal setting was created for each new customer, resulting in over 2,360 different databases without optimal settings.

Optimal database indexes created order in the databases 

Cegal's SQL specialist discovered that there was a lack of a specific type of database index, called a clustered index, which was part of the reason for the longer response times on Klubmodul's SQL Server. A clustered index is a type of index that organizes data in a specific order on a table, making it faster to find and retrieve data, a bit like the table of contents in a book. The solution was therefore to create a clustered index on the tables in each database, which resulted in a significant speed improvement.

In addition to creating the clustered index, the specialist also carried out various other necessary optimizations to ensure that the SQL Server could handle the large volume of data efficiently while always performing optimally.

Speed ​​improvement of 80%

Cegal solved the challenges with optimizations that resulted in a speed improvement of over 80%. A result that is clear and can be felt immediately. With the optimization of its SQL Server, Klubmodul has avoided a costly expansion of hardware that would have been necessary to handle the large amounts of data.

"With Cegal, I feel we are in safe hands. They are specialists and guide us expertly. We didn't even dare to dream of an 80% speed improvement when we approached them. It has been and continues to be a valuable collaboration.”

Peter Kriegbaum, CTO and Co-Founder

Not only focusing on a quick fix but on long-term stability and performance  

Cegal still services Klubmodul through its Managed Services concept. With this subscription to their Microsoft SQL database, Klubmodul gets access to experienced and specialized DBAs (database administrators). Various automatic systems have now been installed, which means that the database is continuously serviced and optimized. In addition, trends, in e.g., the load, are monitored, so that proactive work can be done to ensure stability and performance. With the managed service subscription, Klubmodul has been assigned database specialists, not only when the red lights come on, but also with ideas for ongoing improvements and optimizations, at regular operational meetings.

Cegal helps Klubmodul avoid index fragmentation of their database, where the logical order of the key values ​​in the index does not correspond to the actual physical location of the index pages. This can lead to slow queries and poor performance because the system has to spend more time finding the data.

Database specialist

If a weak database is hindering your opportunities for growth and innovation, a database optimization may be the solution. With a database optimization, you can ensure better performance, make room for growth, and postpone the need for hardware modernization. At Cegal, we work with the following technologies within databases: Microsoft, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and both on-premises and cloud.

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