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Cegal and Amazon Web Services (AWS) working together to deliver Cetegra for a better tomorrow

06/07/2022 |

As the energy industry shifts to a more sustainable future, Cegal is working with AWS (Amazon Web Services) to meet the needs for energy customers now and in the future. While customers refocus business priorities, there is a need to sustain current operations whilst building a better tomorrow.

«Customers can realize efficiency by quickly moving to the cloud, eliminating IT overhead, and concentrating on optimizing business domain workflows. Cetegra helps customers to achieve these goals by utilizing cloud technology. The Cegal and AWS collaboration is focused on delivering a fully managed cloud platform to the Energy industry.»

Dmitriy Tishechkin, Partner Technical Lead, Energy, AWS

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Cetegra is a vendor-neutral, centralized collaborative space for all your applications, data and people. Powerful integration simplifies and streamlines workflows, giving you a centralized place to access your favourite applications with no data silos or compatibility issues. Work from anywhere, on any connected device through the cloud-based infrastructure. As Cetegra is vendor-neutral, you are never tied to one single technology, software, or cloud supplier. The intuitive Cetegra workspace interface is the integration platform for managing all IT resources, and the open structure provides a safe place for innovation through experimenting and testing all types of next-gen tools and technology. Cetegra is thus a future proof solution ready for consumption of new technology advances and workflow improvements.

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«At Cegal we are experts in optimizing business operations. Working with AWS, we are now able to scale our Cetegra solution both geographically and business wise and the AWS cloud infrastructure and additional solutions, enables Cetegra to take a leap in providing the best integration platform for the energy industry.»

Henrik Skandsen, Cloud Product Portfolio Manager, Cegal

Traditional IT procurement typically involves high capital expenditure, or significant up-front investments, to acquire critical IT assets. By choosing Cetegra’s offering on AWS, customers can eliminate capital expenditure through a pay-as-you-go model, while taking advantage of high performance, scalability, reliability, and security, for resource-intensive applications.

«Customers expect an open and seamless user experience supporting their workflows built on combining the strengths of multiple vendors; preserving their ability to adopt new innovative solutions in the future and to leverage the evolution of the OSDU® Data Platform is a critical need. Cegal’s Cetegra is the ideal multi-vendor application environment enabling a successful cloud journey to leverage the technical and commercial value that AWS brings.»

Mik Isernia, Global BD Lead for HPC/Subsurface, Energy, AWS

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