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What is EnergyX? 

EnergyX is Cegal's division which develops products that track, control and validate key data from across the entire value chain for the production of energy.
EnergyX comprises employees with extensive experience of developing software and solutions for the power, oil and gas industries.

EnergyX’s vision is “to get everyone working on the same version of the truth”. It does this by developing and delivering new, modern and agile software which collects, validates and revises key data used to monitor produced volumes from origin to point-of-sale, both for onshore and offshore energy production, and for oil, gas, solar and wind.


EnergyX has developed products such as EnergyX Control and EnergyX Dispatch:

  • EnergyX Control provides complete control over the collection and validation of energy data – from production to sales.
  • EnergyX Dispatch is a modern and cost-effective solution for companies that buy, sell and transport natural gas.

Our products are smart, modern cloud applications, which quickly enable you to gain control over your key data. At the same time, we are introducing an automated and anomaly-based workflow which will boost the efficiency and accuracy of the various teams that use this data on a day-to-day basis.

Our products create confidence in the underlying data because they automate the collection, validation, traceability and visualisation of key data. With a single, common database, everyone in the company uses the same version and the same underlying data.

Today, EnergyX supplies its products and services to many companies and organisations, both nationally and internationally. Our customers include Gassco, Wintershall Dea, AkerBP, Vår Energi, Repsol, INEOS, EASEE-gas and Norsk olje &gas.

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