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What is EnergyX?

EnergyX is a Cegal division which delivers software and services within the main energy business domains like oil, gas, hydro, solar and wind. The EnergyX group consists of internationally recognized world-class domain experts within Hydrocarbon Management and Allocation combined with excellent software product development background. 

The EnergyX division mission is to unseat old legacy systems with modern, smart light-footed fit-for-purpose software.

Cegal EnergyX

EnergyX has created a portfolio of smart applications that provides an automated and exception-based way of working that will greatly benefit your business processes and teams. Avoid time-consuming and costly updates with cloud native software built on Microsoft Azure that is always on and always updated. 

The portfolio includes the following three software products:

  • EnergyX Control. Drive compliance and KPI transparency by tracking and validating key data across all assets in the energy value chain – from production to point of sale. EnergyX Control is a modern and scalable solution that automates the gathering, validation and visualization of key data, ensuring increased confidence in the data reported.
Read more about EnergyX Control here >

  • EnergyX Dispatch.  Stay on top of your contractual commitments, capacity bookings and any sudden imbalances or curtailments with a fast and intuitive UI and customizable visualizations and alarms. EnergyX Dispatch is a cost-efficient software-as-a-service solution that supports Gas Shippers in the nomination and balancing of their gas portfolio across gas systems.

Read more about EnergyX Dispatch here >

  • EnergyX Operations.  Experience new ways of working on production and sales allocation in a modern cloud software with high degrees of automation and data ready for operational excellence initiatives.  EnergyX Operation reduces the complexity of entering data in different systems through data integration pipes with automated data validation.
The products are smart and modern cloud applications, which quickly enable you to gain control over your key data. At the same time, by introducing an automated and anomaly-based workflow, EnergyX will boost the efficiency and accuracy of the various teams that use this data on a day-to-day basis.

Find out more about  EnergyX here >

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