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EnergyX Control

Get full control over all your key figures.

Complete control

EnergyX Control gives you full control of the collection and validation of energy data – from production to sales.

EnergyX Control gives you full control over all your key figures, from production to sales of energy quantities and volumes – for all operations throughout your organization. You can see how energy that comes in at a measuring point is balanced with metered or calculated values to show how energy is used in the value chain.

With EnergyX Control the collection of this data from all your different sources is automatic and problem-free, regardless of data format. You benefit from a visual overview of how everything is connected throughout the value chain for all your operations.

EnergyX Control removes the pain of systems that require extensive upgrades and change projects, and which require costly underlying investments in infrastructure and licenses.

Read on to learn more about how we do it, and feel free to contact us for a demonstration of the solution.

EnergyX Control key features

Automated data collection

No more interpretation and processing of manual reports and formats. Always on, always up to date.

  • Data collection process is fully automated
  • Modern, scalable, and flexible integration
  • Built in Microsoft Azure
Sharing all data

EnergyX Control makes collected, validated, and quality-assured data available through ready-made datasets or data streams.

  • One database for the whole organization
  • A single version of the truth
Key data validation

The integrity and quality of key data is critical to the accuracy of further use, and is often a source of extensive quality assurance and auditing processes.

  • Automatically validates data
  • Full auditing control
  • Alarms and alerts in case of discrepancies
Visual insights

Insight involves controlling and understanding core processes. You get a graphical visualization of how key data is reported and changed throughout the value chain.

  • Get key information at each measuring point
  • Examine data trends, check the original data source
  • A simple and intuitive interface
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Want to know more about EnergyX Control? We are ready to help you get started.

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