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Cegal helps Wintershall Dea gain full CONTROL over operations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

Geir Olav Hagen Geir Olav has traveled the world as an IT and business consultant, led projects and programs for large oil companies and helped create software standards within production reporting for the oil and gas industry for 20 years.
02/10/2021 |

«New ways of working», Wintershall Dea calls it. Technology from Cegal EnergyX is an important reason why employees at Wintershall work together in new and more efficient ways. Here you can read about how Cegal provides full control over the entire energy value chain in the oil and gas sector. 

Wintershall Dea is one of Norway’s largest oil and gas producers and is involved in 22 oil and gas fields in the North Sea. In Norway, the energy company is involved in the following activities:

  • Exploration, drilling and well

  • Project development

  • Operations and maintenance

  • Consulting and business support

As for all companies operating in the oil and gas industry, there is an extensive requirement in terms of reporting. There are drilling reports, production reports, sales reports and reporting obligations to the authorities. The reports contain volume and value of oil and gas data from when the hydrocarbons are extracted from the wells, throughout the value chain for storage and finally end sales.

- There are a large number of reports and spreadsheets that must be produced and delivered to recipients internally, to partners, other companies and authorities, says Richard Bjerga, from the GPOE department in Wintershall Dea.

Reporting production, inventory, sales volume and value adjustment is today very time consuming for most oil and gas companies. Some reports should be delivered every day, every week and others less frequently. This is however not normally done in a consistent and streamlined matter. Most are done manually and are not standardised for all operations.

This is where Cegal EnergyX comes in. EnergyX is Cegal’s department developing products that track, control and validate key data from the entire value chain for oil and gas production. EnergyX consists of employees with extensive experience in developing software and solutions for the power industry and the oil and gas industry.

Using solutions from Cegal, such as EnergyX Control, Wintershall Dea now spends far less time loading and checking the necessary reports. EnergyX Control allows an automated collection of all data reports from all oil and gas fields. Employees have access to the same data and tools across departments and work areas using one common solution, resulting in increased productivity and precision.

Furthermore, data is quality assured and validated, and stored in a common database which is the starting point for internal and external reporting. The underlying platform can ensure the integrity of the data due to automatic validation and controls. EnergyX Control provides:

  • Visualisation of the value chain

  • Automatic collection of all relevant data

  • Validation and automation

  • A common database, with common factors and unit conversion

  • Standardisation for all operations in the organisation

Full control and visibility into the energy value chain enables you as the customer to identify errors and discrepancies. This makes it easier to comply with a responsible production for the future, one of the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals.

Excellent expertise in hydrocarbons

Richard Bjerga in Wintershall Dea praises Cegal EnergyX:

- EnergyX has excellent expertise in hydrocarbons. They understand what we are working on, know the environment and they understand the language. At the same time, they are creative and innovative. This means, for example, that they can set up KPIs, the measurement parameters that provide the greatest value for us to follow.

Wintershall Dea was one of the first customers to invest in solutions from EnergyX. Bjerga says that EnergyX has also helped Wintershall Dea transition from old technology to cloud services and new technological opportunities.

The employees of Cegal EnergyX have been supplying technology to the oil and gas sector for over 20 years, while Cegal has traditionally supplied technology to the power industry. Thus, Cegal possesses a unique combination of solid experience from the energy industry combined with deep technology expertise and understanding of the business of Wintershall Dea.

Cegal EnergyX has its own ability to constantly deliver something that is better than what they have delivered before. The combination of industry knowledge and IT expertise means that EnergyX has an X-factor”, says Bjerga.

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