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Cloud Native

What is Cloud Native?

Cloud Native is an approach to building and running systems which exploits the benefits of the Cloud computing delivery model (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) through a combination of tools and best practice. This applies to scalable applications in modern and dynamic environments, such as private, public and hybrid clouds.

When businesses build and operate applications using a Cloud Native architecture, they can bring new ideas to market faster and respond to customer demands sooner. Containers, Service Mesh, Microservices and declarative APIs are good examples of this approach.

Cegal and Cloud Native

Cegal has invested heavily in the Cloud Native journey, helping our customers to navigate a landscape that can be quite overwhelming, and focusing on the technologies that are relevant to the modernization of existing systems and innovation. We are currently using tools within many key technologies which are considered to be Cloud Native, including: Kafka, Kubernetes, Azure Data Factory, Zipkin and Hashistacken.

We are also very familiar with modern patterns which are useful when using this mindset, such as: Infrastructure as Code, GitOps.

See a Cloud Native-relevant presentation from one of our specialists here >