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Cloud Infrastucture and Cyber Security

Securing your IT infrastructure.

Security is more important than ever

Digitalization and cloud technology mean your IT portfolio contains more and more systems that need to be able to talk to each other.

Stay ahead of the game

Digitalization and cloud technology mean your IT portfolio contains more and more systems that need to communicate and share data. This makes information security more important than ever. The subject of security has also become more complex — one can no longer hide information from the outside world; you need to reach out to your users and audiences.

Our cyber security experts help you stay ahead of the game in securing your IT infrastructure, providing you with good identity, role and access controls for your systems, in line with the requirements of the GDPR.

We also help you with governance tied to security, such as issues related to the GDPR and implementation of the ISO27001 standard.

We have in-depth knowledge of cloud infrastructure and platforms, hybrid solutions and multi-cloud infrastructure and can help you with cloud migration. If your aim is to go multi-cloud, we can help you get the infrastructure to hang together.

Turn-key solutions

Our product portfolio features turn-key solutions through which we can deliver everything from basic functionality such as endpoint assurance, to the most advanced and complex security solutions in the security stack.

Our consultants have the experience and certifications to provide assistance in the field of operational security. They can help with everything from surveillance and vulnerability management to architecture and system hardening.

Together with our customers, we find the best solutions for a holistic approach to security work across their organizations. We emphasize principles such as “defense in depth,” “assume breach,” and “zero trust.” Our goal is to be your information security partner and not just a service provider. To lay the groundwork with well-known and certified processes, frameworks and tools.

The result is increased maturity and awareness about information security at all levels of the organization, in the form of an ongoing process for continuous improvement.

In addition to our expertise about traditional IT systems, we also have expertise and experience with OT environments. In that context, we are well-acquainted with industrial and maritime requirements in the oil and gas industries, as well as the broader energy sector. Here we have experience with everything from EPC projects to operations and maintenance.

When it comes to cloud platforms, we work with Azure, Google and Amazon, and we are a leader in Oracle infrastructure. We also work with infrastructure automation and infrastructure as code (IAC), also known as DevOps for infrastructure.

Want to know more about Public Cloud Infrastucture and Cyber Security? We are ready to help you get started.

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