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Smart home

What is a smart home?

Smart homes are buildings in which processes relating to monitoring, control and regulation can be automated and coordinated. Automated and intelligent features are installed in smart homes which will, amongst other things, contribute to lower power consumption, better comfort and greater safety.

This could for example include control systems for light, heating, ventilation, burglar alarms and fire safety systems.
Using a tablet or simple switches, you can control everything from light, heat, power consumption, sun blinds, garage doors, exterior doors and ventilation, to sound and images around your home.

What does Cegal do?

Cegal is Scandinavia's most specialised supplier of technology to the energy sector. By drawing on our extensive knowledge and many years of experience of the industry’s value chain and the opportunities that lie in the introduction of new technology, we help to increase the benefits of digitalisation for over 80 companies and organisations around the world within the production, transport and sale of energy.

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