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What is REAL (Red Expert Alliance)?

The Red Expert Alliance (REAL) is a global network of Oracle experts. Members of the alliance include several Oracle ACEs and Developer Champions who are Oracle ambassadors. Through REAL, members get the opportunity to share knowledge and access to interact with other Oracle experts around the world. The network provides flexibility and rapid response times to requests for specialised resources, enabling member companies to staff larger projects, for example. The alliance also possesses expertise in other areas, such as Azure and Google. Mule, Kong, Kafka, Hashicorp, RedHat, etc.

What does Cegal do?

Cegal has been a member of REAL since 2016. In the network, we work with other members to maximise the return on our customers' investments in Oracle technology. We do this by collaborating, sharing and challenging each other to improve both ourselves and our customers. We have monthly tech presentations to ensure that we are up-to-date on the state-of-the-art.

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