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What is Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a term that describes a hypothetical future version of the internet that is more immersive and interconnected. In this imagined space, users will be able to interact with digital content, companies and each other in a way that is closer to real-life interaction. The term has been popularized by science fiction, with Neal Stephenson's 1992 novel Snow Crash being an early example. 

Typically, the Metaverse is thought of as a 3D virtual world that users can navigate using avatars. The concept has gained attention due to advancements in virtual and augmented reality, as well as other emerging technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. Most recently, the chatbot ChatGPT has been making headlines as a new powerful AI tool that can answer prompts in a conversational way.   

However, the idea of the Metaverse has also raised concerns around privacy and surveillance. Some experts have called for regulations to be put in place to ensure that users are protected, and that the technology is used responsibly. 

It's important to note that there is not a unanimous definition of the term metaverse, and it can be interpreted differently depending on the context and perspective. As technology continues to advance and new virtual environments emerge, the term metaverse will continue to evolve and change over time. 

Metaverse for energy companies 

The metaverse, and especially large language models, open new doors for simulating and optimizing energy systems, especially for renewable energies. The metaverse could be used to test different scenarios and configurations of, for example, power grids and energy installations, allowing for more efficient and effective management. In addition, the metaverse could be used for remote monitoring and maintenance of energy infrastructure, reducing the need for on-site visits and improving safety. 

Cegal and Metaverse 

At Cegal, we have consultants with extensive experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence to simplify complex IT and processes for our customers.  

Recently, our team has built the ‘CV matchmaking tool’, which tackles the problem of bias by matching people based on their skills rather than subjective perception. We have also established an AI interest group to investigate potential business opportunities related to AI and projects such as testing code generation for applications and scripts using Chat GPT.