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Digital Twin

What is a Digital twin?

A digital twin is defined as a digital or virtual copy of a physical object which exists in the real world. Digital twin is not a new technique, but with the introduction of IoT (Internet of Things), it has become more important and easier to use.

Digital twin technology has been in use in the oil and gas sector for many years for modelling and testing the safety of platforms.

Another area where digital twin is often mentioned is in relation to smart cities, where sensor data is transmitted both to the control systems and the digital twin in real-time, making it an accurate representation of the city. These can then also be used to model various scenarios using Machine learning (ML) and Artificial intelligence (AI) models. Large sums of money can be saved on maintenance and safety measures using digital twin technology.

Cegal and Digital twin

Cegal has extensive experience of smart home technologies, and has been pivotal in the development of Greentracker. Green Tracker AS offers a modern web-based energy monitoring system (EMS), which enables companies and organisations to gain a complete insight into their own energy use and environmental impact.

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