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#MeetOurTeam – Pål

We want to showcase our employees through what we have called #MeetOurTeam. Meet Pål!

Pål MeetOurTeam


Cegal Office:


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Years in Cegal:

Pål Hovdenak

56 years


Principal Partner Manager


8 + 5 (Blueback)

What does a typical workday look like to you?

Well – what is a typical workday? 😊 For me it varies a lot – and it depends a bit on the various roles I have had in the company over the years. My main responsibility though is to work with our technology and business partners, in addition to coordinating and sharing partner information internally in Cegal. With the SYSCO – Cegal merger, our partner ecosystem has grown significantly, and we are now at a stage where we will introduce a new Partner Program to improve processes and the way we work with our partners.

Prior to the merger between SYSCO and Cegal, I also had a role as Office manager for various practicalities for the Oslo office. With the move to our new combined offices in Øvre Vollgate 13, I no longer have this responsibility. With more than 200 Cegalians in Oslo, I am very happy to hand this work over to someone with dedicated time for office administration.

In addition, I spend some of my time working with the various sustainability tasks and activities we do in Cegal. I am heading up the Cegal Sustainability Committee, and we are really stepping up our work and focus in this area.

Check out our latest Sustainability report here > 

Finally – I am also on the Social Committee for the Oslo office, so very much involved with the various internal events and parties we organize in Cegal 😊

Which technologies do you work with?

Well, as a geoscientist I used to work a lot with oil reservoir modelling using the Petrel software application. Now I am spending less and less time with hands-on technology and applications, as my work more and more has become administrative with focus on partner relations. My tech background is crucial though to be able to understand and communicate with partners, clients and colleagues. Most of my time is currently spent working with Microsoft, SLB, AWS, and our geoscience tech partners.

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You are going to attend several exciting conferences before the summer, could you tell us a little about them?

First of all it is the EAGE conference, which is an annual event for the geoscience community in Europe. Cegal will have a stand, and we are a team of six people representing Cegal with presentations and demos. It is a busy and fun show with close to 10.000 attendees. It is an excellent opportunity for Cegal to showcase our offering to energy companies, and with Cetegra and our geoscience product portfolio, the EAGE is spot-on for us.
It’s also a great opportunity to meet with partners and competitors, and the networking is really excellent. It will be 3-4 long days with lots of fun, and I am really looking forward to represent Cegal and our great offering. The conference is in early June in Vienna, so it will also be a good opportunity for some schnitzel and refreshments..

Read more about EAGE here > 

What drives you at work and in your role, what's fun?

People! Colleagues, partners and customers is the most important motivation for me.

And as we also have some great technology and products, that makes it good fun to work in Cegal. I have some great experiences presenting products we have developed at Cegal, which our customers love and praise (and pay for) 😊

What is the best thing about working in Cegal?

I think now that we have grown and become a very diverse group of people in many locations, is a great motivation for me. We have many nationalities, offices and types of people. I think it gets the best of us with a diverse and global operation.

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Which app do you use the most, and why?

For work, it is Outlook and Teams, as I am in communication with a large number of people every day.
Privately I guess Snap is a favourite. I enjoy taking (and sending) photos. They say more than words!

Whats's your favorite quote?

The Matrix is everywhere

from the classic Matrix film

What do you prefer?

Android or iPhone?

iTunes or Spotify?

Podcast or radio?

Call or text?

Emoji or text?

Snapchat or Instagram?







Is there anything else we should know about you?

Norwegian Volleyball Champ 🏐🏅
Oldest son is 25. Youngest is 2 👦👲

I was in the original development team for Petrel 😊 - back in 1997. 

I do split board – a pair of skis that become a snowboard when the top is reached ❄️⛷️

pål ski