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#MeetOurTeam – David

We want to showcase our employees through what we have called #MeetOurTeam. Meet David!



Cegal office:


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Years in Cegal:

David Jacobsen

50 years


Product Market Specialist


3 years

What does a typical workday look like to you?

I use a lot of time on our energy customers and have many customer meetings where we present our solutions. I also participate in tender processes where we work together in teams, and I have a lot of contact with the product development team at Cegal to provide feedback on what the customers need regarding their IT solutions.

Which technologies do you work with?

We at Energy Solutions develop digital products for energy companies to streamline and optimize critical business processes. Several members of our team have worked in the energy industry for many years, and as a Product Market Specialist, my task is to identify the customer's pain points, create and develop agile software solutions that solve their problems, and ultimately, bring these services to the market in the most efficient way possible.

A prime example of such a product is our brand new KIS solution for energy companies – Cegal Energy Settlement. With this scalable, modular, and cloud-based system, customers can automate their MAFI processes, significantly reducing time consumption and increasing precision. The solution is built on a future-oriented architecture in Microsoft Azure, and through a close and fruitful collaboration with Microsoft, we have developed a solution that embodies best practices in terms of scalability and security.

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You have worked in and with the energy industry for many years. How is it?

The energy industry is a very exciting sector that has undergone radical changes in recent years. Digitalization is in full swing, and with Elhub, smart AMS meters, increased security requirements, high price competition, and changing regulatory framework conditions, the industry faces many challenges and at the same time tremendous opportunities. This is what makes it particularly exciting to work in and around this industry. Being able to help companies succeed in the future is especially motivating!

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What drives you at work and in your role, what's fun?

Incredibly talented colleagues, a lot of dedication, and a fast-paced environment where exciting things are constantly happening.


What is the best thing about working in Cegal?

At Cegal, there are many friendly and cool colleagues, a great knowledge environment with people who have a deep understanding of the customers and industry challenges. We have a high level of freedom, diverse tasks, and I have a flexible and dynamic workday with a fast pace, where I'm constantly learning something new.

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What du you prefer?

Android or iPhone?

iTunes or Spotify?

Streaming or linear-tv?

Call or text?

Emoji or text?

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Can we send messages without emojis? :-)


What are your podcast favorites?

My favorite podcast so far is Joe Rogan's episode with Elon Musk in the studio. I'm fascinated by how Elon Musk thinks and how he is actively working to change the world.

Is there anything else fun we should know about you?

I'm a big fan of cars and boats. My favorite car, without a doubt, is Tesla, which is currently revolutionizing the entire automotive industry. I predict that many traditional car companies will face bankruptcy – there are many "Nokias" out there. Mark my words.

During the summer, I try to be on the boat as often as possible, and if the weather is good, I wouldn't mind taking the boat to the office. I also love being in the mountains or the Alps during winter, skiing or snowboarding.