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What is HPD (High-Performance Desktop)? 

High-performance desktop is an advanced version of regular virtual desktops that have been in use for many years.  A virtual desktop looks and feels like a regular workstation and enables a similar access to all applications and services one needs regardless of the device in use, whether it is a tablet, a laptop or a mobile phone. Users can access their virtual desktop remotely over a network, experiencing the same environment as if they were sitting in front of their regular device.  
Cegal and HPD

The Cetegra high-performance desktop has been developed by Cegal to give our customers both the flexibility and the transparency they need to achieve their goals. In addition to the benefits of virtualizing desktop, Cetegra Boost allows users to request a more powerful working environment by increasing system resources for a limited time. Cetegra Autoscale provides a consistent, high-performance solution to manage the power of your machines and balance costs and user experience. 

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