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#MeetOurTeam – Andrea

We want to show some of our colleagues through what we’ve called #MeetOurTeam. Meet Andrea!






When did you start in Cegal?:


Andrea Torland

26 år


Manager Customer Support

Varhaug – Rogaland

December 2018

Got my Certificate of Apprenticeship in IT in 2016

How did you hear about Cegal and how did you end up with us?  

I got to know the company through a colleague that I worked with during and after my apprenticeship. What I heard then gave me a good impression of the company. So, when the opportunity came and I was offered a job here it was perfect because I wanted to new challenges and learn more.  

What was it like to start in Cegal? 

In Cegal, the people are very nice and welcoming. There is always someone around the corner or via teams who are ready to help, or pass on knowledge. So, it was exciting and educational to start here.  We always work to find good solutions and effective ways to work.

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Could you describe your first time in Cegal? 

I started working in the first line at the Service Desk. Our job here is to help customers with password reset, access requests, login challenges, print, network, Citrix, VDI and so on. The Service Desk focuses on transferring knowledge so this is a place with a lot of knowledge and continuous development.  

What technologies are you working with? 

I don’t do much technical work right now. But the technologies I most enjoyed working with were Microsoft 365 products, Exchange, Active Directory and virtual systems such as Citrix.  

How do you work today? 

In January 2021, I got the role as head of Customer Support. At the Customer Support/Service Desk department there is an excellent team that works 24/7 to deliver the best possible help to our customers. We work continuously to deliver the best possible World Class Service. Actually, I feel like all of Cegal is one large team that's always working hard to deliver.  

Everyone at Customer Support work each day to do what we can to ensure that both our colleagues and customers have a good day.  


Have you set any goals for the next year?  

My goal is to constantly learn new things and develop myself. During these 3 years in Cegal I have learned something new every day.  

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

In 5 years I'm still working in Cegal. I think it's fun to work, to develop myself, and I thrive amongst my colleagues. I'm happy as a clam as long as I get opportunities to learn and develop myself, be at work and be social.  

What's the best part of working in Cegal? 

All the opportunities that are here within different positions, disciplines and development.   

What is your podcast favorite?  

“Godt nok for de svina” by Hege Janson Skogen and Anita Krohn Traaseth. They discuss small and large challenges that can be experienced at work.  

What are your interests?  

In my spare time I like to be creative, so I sew and knit. I started gymnastics/acrobatics in 2021, because I love to try out new things. I encourage everyone who wants to try something new to do so. My favorite music is country (the car radio is constantly on P10 country). 

My “gaming career” lasted for 30 minutes on the LAN we arranged at school in 2013. I was actually serving the kiosk, but then someone in my class needed a team player during the competition. The training lasted a few minutes before it got serious. The result was nothing to brag about, but I got photo evidence – see below😂I`m very concentrated!